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Permalink 6 months ago, when the only thing I was doing was expecting 2.:) (at somewhere in Bahrain)
Permalink I want an uninterrupted sleep, it was not possible for the last 3 months… But they sleep tight.:) (at 20 Evler Sitesi, Kemer)
Permalink Yazlik kuslari.:) Circir bocegi sesinden ote ninni tanimam. #2monthsold
Permalink Babywearing trials, I wish I have a clone to carry my other baby. #meitai
Permalink Nearly mirror image with different colors.:)
Permalink Copy and paste.:)
Permalink We are already 4 weeks old. Time flies. (at Tasci Palas)
Permalink They are already 18 days old.:) My little angels. ❤♥ (at Tasci Palas)
Permalink Bu zayıf halimden eser yok simmdi! :) I am not sure, when I will be like this again. Maybe never!:( (at santa barbara)
Permalink Meyvesiz bir hayat dusunulemez.:) Life without fruits is not life.:) (at Tasci Palas)